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Monday, 5 May 2014

The Foolish Goat ( Aesop Fables )

One day a fox was strolling and wandering in a jungle. He wasn’t careful where he was walking and fell right down into a well. The fox tried to get out of the well but he couldn’t reach the top. So he started calling out for help.

A goat was passing by. He heard the fox’s voice and peeped inside the well. “Did you call, my friend? What are you doing inside this well?” the goat asked the fox.

The fox realized that the goat was foolish. So he said,”I came inside here to drink this water. It’s really good and sweet. You should come in and drink it too.”
The foolish goat believed him and jumped into the well. The fox then quickly stepped onto the goat’s back and jumped out of the well.

MORAL:    Do not oblige cunning people.

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