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Friday, 14 March 2014

The Lazy Donkey - Aesop Fables

Once there lived a trader in a village. Mostly, he traded salt. He had a donkey who helped him carry sacks of salt from one village to the other. The donkey was very lazy and always avoided work.

One day, the donkey was crossing a river , he slipped and fell into the river. As he was carrying sacks of salt on his back, the salt got wet and dissolved in the water. So when the donkey got up, the sacks were lighter.

The donkey realized this and he purposely started slipping into the river everyday so that the sacks become lighter.
The trader noticed the donkey’s plan. So next day, instead of salt, the trader filled the sacks with cotton and tied them to the donkey’s back. As usual, the donkey purposely fell into the river. But this time, as the sacks were filled of cotton, the cotton soaked water and became heavier. The donkey learnt his lesson and never tried to avoid work henceforth.

MORAL:    Never try to avoid work.

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