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Monday, 5 May 2014

Sounds Of Animals - English Nursery Rhymes with Lyrics

***** Sounds Of Animals Lyrics *****

These are the sounds that the animals make (x4)

The Cat goes meow
The Cow goes moo
The Pig goes oink
The Rooster goes Cocka doodle doo

The Hen goes cackle
The Dog goes woof
The Turkey goes gobble
The Monkey goes whoop

The Mouse goes squeak
The Sheep goes baa
The Eagle screams eeeee
The Hyena laughs Ha-ha

The Rabbit goes drum
The Pigeon goes coo
The Elephant goes trump
The Wolf howls Awooooo

The Donkey goes He-haw
The Parrot goes talk Helloooo
The Crow goes Kaw
The Owl goes hoot

The Bear growls grr
The Snake goes hiss
The Horse goes neigh
The Bee goes buzz

The Tiger goes roar
The Sparrow goes chirp
The Frog goes ribbit
And the boy down the street goes buuurp

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