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Monday, 5 May 2014

The Owner Of The Shadow - Aesop Fables

Once a rich man wanted to travel through the desert and wanted to travel to another village. So he hired a donkey with his master to travel. He sat on the donkey and started his journey and the master lead the donkey through the scorching desert.

It was very hot. So after travelling a great distance into the desert, they decided to take some rest. The rich man got off the donkey and looked around. But there was no shade or tree to be seen.

The master sat in the small shadow of the standing donkey. The rich man saw this and said to the master,” I want to sit in the donkey’s shadow. I have paid for the donkey. Its my right to sit in his shadow. “
The master replied,” you have only hired the donkey. Being his master, i will sit in his shadow.” they both started arguing on this topic and soon it turned into a fight. The donkey got scared and ran away. Thus neither of them got the shadow.

MORAL:  A fight may end up in a loss for all.

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