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Friday, 14 March 2014

The Magic Hen - Aesop Fables

Once there was a poor farmer in a village. He was a good man and for his good deeds, he was gifted a hen by God.

After a few days he then laid an egg. Surprisingly, the egg was golden in colour. The farmer and his wife realized that this hen was magical. The hen laid one golden egg everyday and this made the farmer and his wife rich and wealthy.
Soon the farmer got greedy and wanted to have more and more wealth. So he took a knife and cut open the magic hen hoping that he would get all the golden eggs at one time. But to his shock, there were no eggs in the hen’s stomach.

Hence the farmer lost the chance of getting any more golden eggs as he killed the magic hen for his greed. Soon the farmer lost his good fortune and lost all his wealth.

MORAL:  Never be greedy or impatient

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