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Friday, 14 March 2014

The Foolish Mouse - Aesop Fables

Once upon a time there was a mouse who wanted to see the outside world as he had never seen anything apart from his house. So he decided to explore the world outside.

He set out from his house and kept walking on and on. He saw many things which he had never seen before. After a while he reached a farm which had many different animals.

Apart from the other animals, two animals caught his attention. One was a scary looking, terrible animal which had colourful feathers and a big beak. “ If he sees me, he would surely eat me up right here” The mouse thought and quickly hid behind a bush.

From there he saw the other animal.  He saw that it was beautiful and fluffy with soft hair. “This animal looks friendly, i should talk to him.” He said to himself. Just as he was about to move towards it, someone called the animals from the farm and the animals went away.

The mouse also returned. After reaching home, he told the tales of his adventure to his friends and family about the two interesting animals he had seen.

“You’re a fool!! “ an old mouse said, “ The animal you thought was scary was a rooster and would have never harmed you, but on the other hand, the one you wanted to talk to was a cat, and he would have gobbled you up in a minute.”

That day the young mouse realized that he was lucky to be alive after what he was about to do.

MORAL : Appearances can fool anyone. 

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