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Friday, 14 March 2014

The Ant & the Grasshopper - Aesop Fables

Once upon a time in a beautiful spring, a grasshopper danced and was swinging in the field and was singing his spring song. He saw an ant and asked him, “ What are you doing?”

“ I am gathering some food and building a shelter for myself.” The ant replied. The grasshopper laughed and teased her saying,” It is spring now, this is the time to enjoy, why are you wasting your time building a house and gathering food? Its foolish to work during spring season.” The ant ignored him and continued his work.

Few days later, it started raining heavily. The whole jungle became a swamp and damp. There was no food available anywhere. So the helpless grasshopper came to the ant’s shelter and pleaded,” Oh dear ant! Please give me shelter and something to eat. I do not have a house and I’m very hungry.”
“Now you understand why i was working hard during the spring when you were idling around?” the ant replied and then the ant kindly offered him food and shelter.

MORAL:   Hard work always pays

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