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Friday, 14 March 2014

The Clever Crow - Aesop Fables

It was a hot summer afternoon, and the sun was scorching all its heat on the earth. All ponds, rivers and lakes were dry, and there was no water to be found for miles.

A crow was very thirsty and was flying all over the forest to find any ounce of water. At one point he saw big pot which had very little water left. He landed on top of the pot and poked his beak into the pot to drink the water. Unfortunately the water was so less that his beak couldn’t reach till the water level.
Then he got an idea. He noticed that a lot of pebbles are scattered around the pot. So he picked up a pebble with his beak and dropped it into the pot. The water level rose a little in the pot. So he spent a lot of time picking up pebbles and dropping them in the pot.

After a long time and hard work, the water rose up to a level where his beak would easily reach. So he happily drank all the water and flew away.

MORAL:  Try and try until you succeed

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