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Friday, 14 March 2014

The Fox And the Crane - Aesop Fables

A fox and a crane were very good friends. One day the fox invited the crane for dinner. The fox prepared a lovely dinner and served it in two flat plates. The fox quickly ate all that was in his plate but the crane, due to his long beak couldn’t eat through the plate, so he remained hungry.

After a few days, the crane now invited the fox for dinner to his house. When the fox reached his home, the crane served dinner inside a long and narrow jar. The crane easily dipped his long beak inside the jar and emptied the jar quickly. On the other hand the fox couldn’t reach inside the jar at all so he did not eat anything.

The fox then realized his mistake and apologized to the crane for playing such a trick on him.

MORAL: Tit for Tat

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