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Friday, 14 March 2014

The Ant & The Pigeon - Aesop Fables

A pigeon was sitting on branch of a tree. There was a river nearby. He noticed that an ant was flowing and drowning in the river. The pigeon quickly plucked a tree leaf and dropped it into the water near the ant.

The ant had to struggle for a while but finally it got onto the leaf. The leaf floated for sometime and finally reached the shore. The ant was safe and it thanked the pigeon for helping.

Some days later, a hunter came in the jungle. He spotted the pigeon and took aim with his bow and arrow on the pigeon. The pigeon was looking the other way. So he did not notice the hunter. But the and on the ground saw him, rushed towards him and bit him hard in the toe. The hunter cried out in pain and missed his target. By this time the pigeon realized he was being the target and flew away.
Thus the grateful ant returned the pigeon’s favor and she too saved her friend’s life.

MORAL: A noble deed never goes unrewarded.

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