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Friday, 14 March 2014

The Lion and His Army - Aesop Fables

The animals of two neighbouring forests used to fight with each other always. So one day, the King lion decided to declare war on the other forest. He called all the animals of his forest for a meeting so that he and his ministers can assign duties to them.

The elephant was given the duty of fighting in the war as well as carrying guns and food. The clever fox was given the duty to make battle plans and give ideas to the king. The monkey was asked to jump ahead of the army and keep a lookout from the top of the trees. Similarly all the animals were given duties according to the skills and abilities.
The hare and the donkey reached late in the meeting. The ministers told the king, “They are useless my king, donkeys are stupid and the hare gets scared very easily. So its better to send them away.” But the King lion said, “The donkey can bray louder than any animal, he can be used as a signal to call everyone. The hare is very fast, he can take my messages and orders from one place to another quickly.” The king was wise to recognize each one’s ability.

MORAL : No one is useless. Everyone has his own ability.

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