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Friday, 14 March 2014

The Thoughtless Hunter - Aesop Fables

One day and hunter and his dog went out to hunt in the jungle. They looked for animals to hunt but couldn’t find any.

Then they saw a mongoose. The dog got ready to leap on him but the hunter stopped him. Slowly the hunted stepped towards the mongoose. He realized that something was odd. Generally animals sense when someone is nearby and they run immediately. But this mongoose was absolutely still.
The hunted moved closer to the mongoose. He saw that the mongoose was facing a danger. A poisonous cobra was in front of him and both the snake and the mongoose were ready to strike each other.

The cobra was long and black and was hissing on the mongoose. Both the animals were in a crouched position. Suddenly with a loud hiss the cobra stuck at the mongoose. But the mongoose quickly jumped aside and tried to counter the cobra. The hunter stood there and watched the two animals fight while the dog was getting restless. This made the hunter realize that he too had to hunt his prey. He took aim with his gun and fired. Instantly the mongoose fell down and died. The faithful dog rushed to the dead mongoose in excitement. The dog wanted to show that he was also part of the hunt so he sniffed the mongoose’s body and danced around it.

But suddenly, the dog cried out in pain. “Oh my god!!” the hunter shouted. “ I had totally forgotten about the cobra!” But it was too late now. Because the cobra couldn’t fight with the mongoose, he had bitten then dog’s leg. The dog fell down next to the mongoose and died. The cobra then slithered away into the bushes.

“Oh no! What have i done!” the hunter repented. “ If only I hadn’t killed the mongoose in such a hurry, it would have killed the cobra. There would be one less cobra in the jungle and my dog would have been alive.”

MORAL: Haste makes waste.

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